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Unsubscribing to Messaging
Unsubscribing to Messaging
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Your Contacts can unsubscribe from messages by sending a single-word unsubscribe command to your Textline number(s). They will no longer receive any SMS messages from you. If your customer sends you an unsubscribe command, they will be unsubscribed from receiving messages from all your Textline departments. Unsubscribe / opt out commands are STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, and QUIT. A contact who has blocked your texts can resume receiving messages from Textline by sending a single-word SMS message with the command START or YES.

If a Contact unsubscribes, you will see the error message Customer Unreachable by SMS, and the message box within their Conversation History will be greyed out. Any other messages (Announcements, individual texts, etc.) that you attempt to send to them will not go through.

The contact will receive the final message, "You have successfully been unsubscribed. You will not receive any more messages from this number. Reply START to resubscribe."

Agents can also unsubscribe contacts in the Address Book. If a Contact is unsubscribed in this manner, agents can resubscribe them by going to the Contact’s profile in the Address Book and clicking the Actions then Resubscribe button at the top right.

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