Scheduled Messages

To schedule an individual message in Textline, you have a few options.

From your Dashboard, you can find or start a Conversation with the contact you'd like to message. Then, select More Actions icon. 

Then, select Schedule a Message.mceclip0.pngThe scheduling box will appear. Enter your message and select your date, time, and time zone. Then, select Schedule.


To view Scheduled Messages (Sent, Scheduled, and Cancelled), or for another way to schedule a message, select Messaging Tools > Scheduled Messages.mceclip2.pngFrom this dashboard, you can toggle between lists of Sent, Scheduled, and Cancelled messages. You can edit or cancel scheduled messages before they are sent, or restore cancelled messages. 

To schedule a message from here, enter a department and select the blue Schedule a Message button. 

Enter your message; the recipient's phone number; the date, time and time zone for delivery; the Department from which the message should come (if you have multiple Departments), and select Schedule.D14_2.pngWatch the video on Scheduled Messages here.