Conversation Dispositions

Conversation Dispositions allow you to categorize and track the types and/or the outcomes of Conversations that you're having with customers.

To create and manage your team's Dispositions, select the Messaging Tools > Dispositions.

You can choose to create Dispositions for the team as a whole, or vary your Dispositions based on Department. Select the Manage button next to the team or Department for which you'd like to create Dispositions. 




Select the New Disposition button to add your first Disposition.




Enter the name of your Disposition, confirm who will have access to it, and click Create.




Now, when you select Resolve on a Conversation, your team will automatically be prompted to select a Disposition from the list you've created.



You'll also have the option to review the metrics for your Dispositions by selecting the Graph icon > Dispositions, where you can select a time frame and the Disposition you'd like to review.