Create a texting hyperlink

The more accessible your texting number is, the better the experience for your end-users. Your customers want to text you and all you have to do is to make that easier for them. In addition to setting up the Textline widget, you can add a hyperlink to your Textline number on your emails, websites, or any other online source. 

Add a texting option to your email signature 

Use this link as a guide to creating your own email hyperlink:

You can pre-populate a text message for your customers to make it easier for them to start the conversation:



Add a texting hyperlink to your website

 <a href="sms:+14155693532">Text me</a>. The number should reflect the respective department number each time. 

If you’d like to pre-populate a text for your customers you can add to the code above: sms:[PHONE_NUMBER]?body=[BODY]

Ex: <a href="sms:+14155693532?body=hello%20world">Text me</a>