Advanced & Saved Searches

At Textline, we recognize our customers can have complex Address Books and so to be able to find and build contact lists we have our Advanced and Saved Searches feature.  These two features combined will allow you to identify Contacts based on a formulaic search and then save that formula to reference Contact lists for your Announcement and Survey recipients.  Now that is a mouth full, so let us break things down a bit.

Advanced Search

At the core, Advanced Search is a way to use multiple criteria to find your Contacts.


So what can you do?  In the Advanced Search creation panel, you can search for Contacts that:

  • have any tags
  • have a specific tag
  • have a specific area code
  • are archived
  • are blocked
  • are unsubscribed
  • are unreachable
  • have messaged at all
  • have messaged a specific department
  • are missing a name

You can also do the opposite using the are/have not part of the formula builder too.

You can then use our AND OR buttons to make it even more complex.  These act like adding parenthesis to your formula as well, as you can see in the above screenshot, you can search for:

(All Contacts tagged VIP AND in area code 305) OR who have not messaged at all

If you're confused about any of the search criteria above, we have full definitions in our Textline Glossary document.

Once you have built your search, you can click the search button and it will return any Contacts meeting your criteria.  You will be able to interact with them like you were in the main Address Book, including using actions.

Saved Search

When building any Advanced Search, you can turn it into a Saved Search by adding a name when first building it or after searching, going back and editing the search to add a name.

Saving a search is important if you would like to reference this list at a later date.  You can view Saved Searches from the main Address Book by clicking on the Saved Search dropdown to see the top results or heading to the Saved Search page.


To edit a Saved Search, view the Saved Search and you'll see an Edit Filters button near the center of your screen.  From there you'll see the Advanced Search builder again.  Click Search to save any changes.

To delete a Saved Search, view the Saved Search and you'll see a Delete Search button to the top right.



We hope this article helps!  If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to Textline support at +1 (415) 849-4349 or

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