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Using An Existing VoIP Number
Using An Existing VoIP Number
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For VoIP numbers, we can often host SMS functionality for a number while leaving voice functionality with your current provider.

For us to host SMS on an existing VoIP line, you’ll need to contact your current carrier to have them relinquish control of the SMS functionality by removing the SPID from your number. When they have confirmed that the SPID has been removed, proceed with the steps below to start the text-enablement process.

Once the SPID has been deleted, we should be able to complete the hosting process for your number in 1-2 hours.

What if my carrier won't remove the SPID?

  • You can port your number to another VoIP carrier that will allow the SPID to be removed. Text us at (415) 849-4349 to discuss the best options.

  • You can port your number to Textline. This would allow us to host SMS but will remove voice capabilities from the number, as we do not support voice right now. You could set up call forwarding to another voice line if you'd like, though.

To request usage of VoIP number:

Once you have confirmation from your carrier that the SPID on your number has been removed...

1) Sign in to your Textline account.

2) Click on Settings > Organization Settings > Departments tab, then click the blue New Department button.

3) Select the Text Enable an Existing Number button.

4) Enter the phone number you'd like to use, as well as your contact information exactly as it appears on your phone bill, then click Request SMS Hosting.

5) If your number can be hosted, you will be emailed a Letter of Authorization (LOA) to fill out.

6) After the LOA is completed, we’ll begin the hosting process and contact you if further information is needed. Otherwise, you will receive an email notification when your number is ready to use, and we'll create a new Department using your newly hosted VoIP line.

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