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Conversation Links
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If you need to send a link to a specific Textline Conversation History, rather than the Dashboard as a whole:

1. Click on the More Actions icon in the Conversation History to which you'd like to link

2. Select Copy Link to Conversation. This will copy the link to your clipboard.

3. Paste the link wherever you'd like.

Building a link

You can also build a hyperlink using other pieces of information. If you would like to have a link to send a message to Textline HQ testing out buildings links, you just need our number and a message:

The above link above will open up Textline and start to compose a new message to our support number.

To start building links, all you need is a contact's phone number:

Remove the brackets and replace contact_phone_number with the contact number you want to see. To link to the conversation with Textline HQ, we will use our number (415) 849-4349:

For those with multiple departments, you would need to include the ID for your Department. You can find this by going to Settings->Departments clicking View next to the Department you're looking for and then finding the ID string in your browser's URL bar. The ID string will be 36 characters long and everything after Once you've found the Department ID, you'll need to add it after your contacts phone number using an ampersand and the term group_uuid:[[contact_phone_number]]&group_uuid=[[department_id]]

Again remove the brackets and replace department_id with the ID string of the Department you just found. Here's what a sample looks like (NOTE this is a random Department ID string):

There are other things you can include in building a custom link. Use an ampersand & between each component. Below is a table with all of the possible components:





Contact Number

To link directly to a conversation based on a contact's phone number



Contact Name

To add or update a name with a contact number. MUST be used in conjunction with the Contact Number component. Convert spaces to %20




To link to a conversation in a specific Department




To pre-fill the composition box in Textline. Convert spaces to %20 and line returns to %0A



So, if you want to text (415) 849-4349 and name the contact Textline HQ from Department id b46145b4-0667-11ea-8d71-362b9e155667 with a message of:

Hi Guys,

Trying out custom links

Your link would look something like:

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