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Conversation Dashboard
Conversation Dashboard
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On Textline you can stay on top of text communications needing your response while handling conversations. You can view how many conversations are waiting for a response and how many are not resolved yet.

Click on the Conversations tab at the top of your screen to access your Conversation Dashboard. From here, you can view your Conversation List, view individual Conversation Histories, answer inbound Conversations, or create a new outbound Conversation.

Dashboard Stats

To the top left of the dashboard underneath the Department name, you will see stats for your current view.

These stats are affected by what Department you are in and what Filters you have selected. If you'd like to see stats across all Departments, make sure you are on the Pro plan so you have access to the Unified Inbox.

The stats reflect how many total unresolved conversations are visible (after Filtering) and how many are waiting for an Agent's response. If you want to see only Conversations assigned to you, use the My Conversations filter.

Watch the tutorial video on the Conversation List here.

Watch the tutorial video on Messaging Basics here.

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