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The Conversation List
The Conversation List
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The Conversation List behaves much like the text messaging app on your smartphone, but with filters. You can choose to have Conversations with the most recent activity float to the top of the list or see the oldest first. The list will also indicate whether the Conversation has been responded to, resolved, or how long the contact has been waiting for a response.

You can click into any conversation to see the message history and what’s been said between your organization and the contact. You can also review any Whispers (internal notes) that have been sent amongst your Agents or company.

If you have multiple Departments, your Conversation Histories for each Department will be separated from one another into separate queues. You can toggle between queues using the drop-down menu at the top of the Conversation List. If you are on the Pro plan or above, you'll also have the option of a Unified Inbox view, through which you can view Conversation Histories from all Departments in one queue.

You can also filter and sort each queue to your liking. Click here to read about how to filter your Conversation List to the view of your choice.

Watch the tutorial video on the Conversation List here.

Watch the tutorial video on Messaging Basics here.

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