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Textline allows you to set Reminders for individual Conversations, so you can remind yourself to follow up with a customer or perform a task related to the Conversation.

To set a Reminder, click on the Conversation from the Conversation List you’d like to set a reminder for.

Then, click the three-dot hamburger menu. Select Set a Reminder.

In the pop-up that appears, create your Reminder. This will not be visible to your customer - it’s just for your internal use! Then, select the date and time you’d like to be reminded, and make sure your time zone is set correctly.

Click Set Reminder when you’re finished.

You can view your Upcoming and Current Reminders by selecting the Reminders (bell) icon. Reminders will be moved from the Upcoming tab to the Now tab when they reach their set time. Clicking on the link in the Reminder will take you to the related Conversation.

When the set time for your Reminder arrives, you will receive a notification via the notification methods you have selected (eg: if you have Mobile and Desktop notifications set, you will see your Reminder on your phone and desktop). You will also see a badge on the Reminder icon.

To complete a Reminder in either tab, click the check box. To delete a Reminder from either tab, select the Trash icon.

Watch the tutorial on setting Reminders here.

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