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Notifications - Mobile, Desktop, and Email
Notifications - Mobile, Desktop, and Email
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You can enable mobile Notifications on your cell phone, pop-ups on your computer desktop or emails to alert you to new incoming Textline messages. To turn these Notifications on or off, go to your profile settings by clicking the User Avatar > View Profile, then check or uncheck the Notification methods of your choice. Remember to click Save Changes when you’re finished!

You will only receive notifications if you are set to Available in Textline. Once you’ve set yourself to Away, Notifications will pause until you’re online again.

You will also only receive Notifications for Conversations that you have Claimed, or that are Unclaimed. You will not receive Notifications for Conversations claimed by teammates, although you can view and respond to these texts if you're logged into Textline.

Mobile Notifications are available for those that have the app downloaded (we have both iPhone and Android apps) and take the form of push notifications.

If you have desktop notifications enabled, you will only receive them if your web browser allows Notifications from If a pop-up appears requesting Notification access from Textline, make sure to click Allow. Check your browser settings if you’re still not seeing Notifications come through.

  • New Conversations - Every available agent, whether it’s the first or 100th message.

  • Claimed Conversation - The agent who claimed a message.

  • Transferred Conversation - The transferrer is removed from notifications; the agent to which it was transferred starts receiving them.

  • Participants in a Conversation - Anyone who replies in a message thread or adds a whisper to a conversation will start getting notifications. This persists until the agent transfers the conversation to another agent.

Note: The above settings are for organizations created after March 2019. If your account was created before and would like to be on the above notification setup, let support know and we can update you to the above system.

Watch the tutorial video on Setting Notifications here.

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