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Desktop Notification Issues
Desktop Notification Issues
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If you don't seem to be receiving desktop notifications for new activity in your Textline account, here are a few things to check:

1. Make sure that your profile is set up correctly

To get to your profile from a desktop: Avatar in the top left > My Profile

To get to your profile from mobile: Main Conversation List screen > Menu icon (3 lines) > My Profile

  • Ensure you have Desktop Notifications checked in the Notify me of new messages via section.

  • Remember to Save Changes if you’ve made any edits.

2. Make sure you are set to Available, as setting yourself to Away will mute all Notifications.

To update your status from a desktop: Your avatar > click Available/Away

To update your status from mobile: Main Conversation List screen > Menu icon (3 lines) > toggle Available/Away

3. Make sure you have Textline open in a window somewhere on your computer.

Desktop notifications will not trigger if the Dashboard isn’t open. Minimized is fine!

4. Check your browser’s settings to ensure you’ve allowed notifications from Textline.

This will vary between computers and browsers, but can often be found under Settings, Preferences, or something similar.

Need some more help?

For additional information on notifications, take a look at this article.

Contact us at (415) 849-4349 or [email protected] if desktop notifications are still not functioning correctly.

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