How do I let my customers know they can text?

Whatever way works best for you! We find the options below work well.

  1. Update website & social channels: include your textable number in your contact information, making sure to call out "Text number" or "Call OR text"!
  2. Send an email update: just a simple one will do! You can find some examples below.
  3. Text them: if you have your customers' numbers, shoot them a text to say hi
  4. Install our widget: make it easy for customers to reach you with the tap of a button



Example email updates:



Guess what - WE’RE TEXTABLE!

You can text us now! 

No one likes calling. Text us instead. :)

To reach us via text, just…

{{Your Company Name}} update: reach us via text


Email Body:


Option A:

Hi {{Name}},

We just wanted to send a quick update to let you know that now, on top of our email and phone line, you can also reach us via text!

Our textable number is: (555) 555-5555

Put us in your phone book and reach out any time. It’s our new quick and easy way to get in touch.


Option B:

Hi {{Name}},

Need to get in touch? Try texting us at our new number:

(555) 555-5555

It’s a quick and easy way to reach us - no phone call required.

Option C:

Hi {{Name}},

Great news - you can now reach us via text!

Text us at (555) 555-5555 for all your {business specific} needs. We’ll text you back ASAP.