Claim a Conversation

To alert your organization that you’re handling a particular Conversation, assign it to yourself using the Claim button.


This feature is handy for organizations that have multiple Agents online at once, helping ensure that the contact doesn’t accidentally get messages from two different Agents.

Once an Agent has clicked the Claim button at the top of the Conversation History view, a notification will appear in the Conversation thread. The Agent’s profile picture will also be visible on the message preview in the Conversation List.

If you've Claimed a Conversation, you are the only Agent who will get Notifications about that Conversation unless another Agent participates as well. The rest of your organization will still be able to view and respond in the Conversation if they are logged into Textline, and all participants after the Claim will receive Notifications as well.

If you've Claimed a Conversation but need a fellow Agent to take over, use the Transfer button to assign it to someone else.

Watch the tutorial on Messaging Basics here