Consent: Bulk Request

If you are using Textline's Contact Consent (Pro and HIPAA) feature for the first time or have a large list of contacts you'd like to capture opt-in for, you can have Textline send the consent request to a large list of contacts all at once using our Bulk Request feature. Bulk Request is a feature for Pro and HIPAA Pro plan customers only.


To initiate a Bulk Request, you will first need to turn it on. Head to Settings, then Security, and finally Contact Consent. On the permissions tab, you will see a section labeled Bulk Consent. You will need to enable this feature before you can send request in bulk.


Once enabled, you can send Bulk Request from within Contact Consent by clicking on the Request Consent dropdown to the top right and then selecting Bulk Request.

You will first be greeted with a slide informing you to potential risks of sending large consent requests. We suggest any bulk requests are split into batches of 500 or less and to not send batches more than 1 every 2 hours. You will need to confirm that you have read the notice before being able to send your Bulk Request.

Once confirming, you will be greeted with Step 1 which is to select which department (phone number) you will like to send the Bulk Request from.

In Step 2, you will then be able to select the contacts you want to send the request to. You can manually enter contacts, select them from your Address Book, send it to contacts with a tag, send it to a Saved Search, or send it to a list of contacts in a CSV.

Once you have selected your contacts, that's it! Your Bulk Request will be sent and you will see a history of Bulk Requests in the Bulk Request tab of Contact Consent settings.


Need more help?

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