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Consent: Importing Consent
Consent: Importing Consent
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If you are using Textline's Contact Consent (Pro and HIPAA) feature, but you already have some Contacts who have given you consent, you can import that list of Contacts into Textline without needing to re-request their consent using our Contact Consent feature. Importing Consent is a feature for Pro and HIPAA Pro plan customers only.

HIPAA Note: By importing consent, you confirm that you have collected a patient’s explicit consent to communicate Protected Health Information (PHI) over SMS and that you have notified them that SMS messages may not be secure. Textline will not take any liability for consent that has been imported using the Import Consent utility.

To import consent, you can do it in 2 ways:


  1. Download the sample spreadsheet (below) and open it using Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, or your favorite spreadsheet application.

  2. Copy your contacts' names and phone numbers into the spreadsheet, making sure to maintain the correct column headers (Name and Phone Number) that the sample spreadsheet includes. No other information can be included for the consent import.

  3. Export the spreadsheet as a CSV file.

  4. In Contact Consent, make sure that CSV import is allowed. If the box is not ticked, make sure to check it or have an Admin in your account turn it on. HIPAA Pro: For those on the HIPAA Pro plan, when ticking the box you will see a second modal that contains the same information as the note above. You will need to confirm that you understand the warning before consent will be imported.

  5. With CSV Import allowed, navigate to the Import Consent tab.

  6. Select the Import Contact button and upload the CSV file you created.


For those looking to programmatically import consent, you can set a contact's consent using the API. Like importing via CSV, you must have allowed this option in the consent settings page. You can find documentation on the API call here.

Required role permission

One important note is that while importing consent via CSV or API may be turned on, only users with the role permission of "Can manually set consent" can import consent.

Please note: Consent acquired using the automated Contact Consent feature is the default method. If a customer has already consented using the feature and then you import their consent, Textline will reference the initial Consent.

If you accidentally import consent for a Contact, you will need to manually unsubscribe and resubscribe the Contact. You can do this on the Contact's details page.

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