Communicating your new phone number to contacts

This is up to you and how you prefer to interact with your contacts and customers! Here are a few ideas:

  • Send out an email newsletter

Email newsletters are a great way to inform your contacts that you are there for them. Your Textline number gives them direct access to your team, no more hold music!

  • Add the Textline widget to your mobile site

The widget allows you to encourage your mobile users to reach our with questions or new sales inquiries with a simple button prompt. Find more information by clicking here!

  • Post to Social Media

Add your new Textline phone number to your Facebook page, Yelp listing, or Twitter profile.

  • Create “SMS” links on your websites

SMS links allow visitors that are viewing your website on a mobile device to tap a link and be taken to a pre-filled text message to your Textline number. Find instructions on how to create SMS Links here:


Rather use your existing business number? We can usually do that too!