Communicating your new phone number to contacts

This is up to you and how you prefer to interact with your contacts and customers! Here are a few ideas:

Send out an email newsletter

Email newsletters are a great way to inform your contacts that you are there for them. Your Textline number gives them direct access to your team, no more hold music!

Add the Textline widget to your mobile site

The widget allows you to encourage your mobile users to reach our with questions or new sales inquiries with a simple button prompt. Find more information by clicking here!

Post to Social Media

Add your new Textline phone number to your Facebook page, Yelp listing, or Twitter profile.

Create “SMS” links on your websites

SMS links allow visitors that are viewing your website on a mobile device to tap a link and be taken to a pre-filled text message to your Textline number. Find instructions on how to create SMS Links here:

Rather use your existing business number? We can usually do that too!