Transfer a Conversation

If you’ve already claimed a Conversation but need to reassign it to another team member, select the Transfer button at the top of the Conversation History view.


This will open your organization’s list of Agents and indicate which Agents are currently set to Available.


Select the new Agent, then click Transfer. You can also select Add A Whisper before transferring to include an internal note to the new Agent, then click Transfer + Whisper.

The new agent will receive a Notification that the Conversation has been transferred to them. 

Remember that the account owner will need to add your other team members as Agents before you can transfer Conversations to them.


Please note that as of now, you can only transfer Conversations within a Department. We don't have the ability to transfer Conversations from one Department to another at this time, but we may add that feature in the future! 

Watch the tutorial video on Messaging Basics here