Using Announcements

Our Announcements feature allows you to send one message to a group of contacts, instead of texting each contact individually. 

To create an Announcement, select the Messaging Tools > Announcements, then click the blue New Announcement button.



Enter the title of your message (this is only seen internally) and the body of the text. Please note that the Announcements feature is not for marketing, sales pitches, or SPAM of any kind, and Announcements do not support MMS or attachments at this time.

In the Recipients field, you can choose to send the Announcement a number of different ways:

  • Manually enter contact phone numbers
  • Select any number of contacts directly from your Address Book
  • Send to contacts with a specific tag
  • Upload a CSV file (download the CSV template here)

Please note that if you utilize the tagged contact option, you'll need to tag your contacts before the Announcement is sent, in order to ensure that they are part of the correct group. You can tag contacts by selecting the Edit icon next to their name in the Address Book, or in their information section in the Conversation Dashboard.

If you would like to include variable fields (pieces of information pulled from the customer's details), use the Upload a file option. Learn how to use variable fields here.



Then, select the Department - this will determine which phone number the Announcement comes from. If you only have one Textline phone number, you may skip this step. When you're send, click Send.

Watch the video tutorial on Using Announcements here.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Sending mass messages over SMS is highly regulated, and there are legal restrictions around sending text messages for marketing purposes. The Announcements feature is intended to provide information to existing customers or contacts relevant to products or services that they have already purchased or that the customers have already agreed to be a part of. Please click here for more information on these regulations.

Due to the level of regulation, Textline will need to approve your first Announcement before it is sent to your customers. Once you've created and selected Send on your first Announcement, we will review the message and determine whether or not it has been approved. You will receive a notification when the message has been approved and sent.