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Tagging Contacts
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Tags are labels you can assign to contacts to group them internally.

Once contacts are tagged, you can send Announcements (mass messages) to everyone with a specific Tag, search your Conversation List by Tag, or search your Address Book by Tag. You can add multiple Tags to a contact, and can add, edit, or remove contacts' Tags in several ways. This includes in the Address Book, by uploading a CSV file, or in the Contact Details sidebar in the Conversation view.
To add, change, or remove Tags from the conversation view, click the three dots in the right corner of the sidebar and click edit. Then add or remove a Tag and click save.

You can also add Tags from your Address Book by clicking the view icon for the contact and updating the Tag section.

You can also mass edit Contacts on the Address Book main page by selecting contacts with the check box, and clicking Actions > Add or Remove Tag. Then type out your Tag and click submit.

Please note that an individual Tag cannot have a space within it. For example, if you'd like to tag someone as "new customer," you will need to enter it as "new_customer"

Importing contact lists with Tags

If you'd like to upload a list of Contacts with Names, Numbers, and Tags, add a "Tags" column to the spreadsheet you're uploading. You can add multiple Tags in the Tag field, separating the Tags with a space. Please note that an individual tag cannot have a space within it. (For example, use New_Customer.) You can download the CSV template here.

You can also use the import feature to mass update your existing contacts' Tags. Simply update their information / add the appropriate Tags in the spreadsheet template, and import the list as usual. The mass import will NOT duplicate existing phone numbers, but you need to tell Textline how to handle the new tags by adding values for add, remove, or replace in the "Tags Handling" column. Not using the column or not adding a value for a specific contact will default to replace.

Searching by Tags

You can search your Conversation List for Contacts with certain tags by entering tag:tag_name into the Conversation search bar.

For example, if you were searching for Conversations with contacts you'd tagged as a singer, you would enter the following into the search bar: tag:singer.

In the Address Book, you can search by Tag by selecting the Tag you are looking for from the dropdown.

Watch a tutorial video on Tagging Contacts here.

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