Adding an Agent

To add Agents, click the Gear icon > Organization Settings > Team Settings > Agents > Invite Agent.



Enter the new Agent’s name and contact information, select their Role, select the Department or Departments they have access to, then send the invitation via Email, SMS, or both.             



All agents can view and respond to all Conversations within their assigned Departments. You're a team!


Please note that if the Agent's email address already exists in Textline's system - whether they've created an entire account on their own, or been invited to an existing account already - you will not be able to invite them to your account with that email address. They will need to either change the email address in their existing account, or have an Admin in that account delete their login in order for your Admin to invite the correct email address to the new account. 

If an Agent needs their invitation email resent, you can resend invites by heading back into the Agents section and selecting the Edit icon next to the appropriate Agent. Then, click either Send Email Invite or Send SMS Invite to resend.


Watch tutorial video on Adding & Editing Agents here.


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