Admin Guide

At Textline we want to enable organitzations to engage with their audience using real-life conversations. We developed tools that allow Admins to have oversight on communications and track success metrics for their organization. Below is a list of specific features that are designed for Admins. 

Review Metrics: Metrics allow you to track your organization's performance as well as overall customer engagement. Here is more information about our Metrics dashboard, and this is a glossary for our Metrics.

Create Automations: Admins also have the ability to set up Automations that allow you to scale your communications and internal workflows. 

Set up Dispositions: Conversation Dispositions allow Admins to categorize and track the types and/or the outcomes of Conversations that you're having with customers.

Send NPS Surveys: Net Promoter Score measures customer experience on a 0-10 scale, allowing your business to determine customer satisfaction and predict business growth. 

Manage Billing: Only Admins have access to the Account’s Billing information and have permission to edit it

Manage Security: Depending on your pricing plan , organization administrators are able to configure a few settings in regards to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  These settings offer security controls for their account. 

Claim your Domain: Claiming your email domain allows members from your organization to sign up for your organization's main Textline account, regardless of whether they’ve been explicitly invited by you. 

Manage Data Retention: Depending on your pricing plan, Textline allows you to set a data retention limit from our set array of date ranges in order to meet your business’ security needs. This will allow you to automatically delete your Conversation data after a certain period of time.

Manage Integrations: Textline offers several integrations that allow you to optimize your workflows. As an Admin you have the permission level to add and remove Integrations to your accounts. 

Set Agent Settings: Administrators can add new Agents as well as Delete Agents as needed. In addition, Admins can manage permissions for their Agents and create new Roles depending on the organization's structure. For example, an Admin can allow their Agents to only view their conversations, to create new Announcements, and to have Billing access. The Custom Roles give you the ability to customize your organization's access to Textline. 

Add Departments: As an Admin you can add and edit Departments as needed as well as add multiple departments on your Account. 

Add Custom Address Book Fields: Depending on your pricing plan, you are able to add new Address Book fields in your account in order to further customize communications.