Roles in Textline

With Textline's Standard plan and above, team members can have particular roles, which each have certain sets of permissions. On the Standard plan, your team members can be set as an Agent or an Admin. On the Pro plan or above, you can also create custom roles to suit your needs.

To view and edit Roles, click Settings > Team Settings > Roles.

mceclip0.pngStandard Roles

By default, Agents in Textline can:

By default, Admins in Textline can do all of the above, plus:

Custom Roles

On Textline’s Pro plan and above, you can edit the permissions of the Agent or Admin roles by clicking the Manage button next to the role you’d like to update.


You can also create unlimited additional roles with the permissions of your choice by selecting the Add Role button.


You can also create new or edit existing roles to have limitations on what an agent can see or act upon.  These limitations can affect:

  • The conversations an Agent can see
  • Other Agents one can see
  • How an Agent can filter metrics
  • If an Agent can send Announcements or view past Announcements
  • Viewing or sending of Surveys


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