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Using Textline
Using Textline
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Unsubscribing to Messaging
Opt-in and opt-out
Announcement Duplication
Announcement Stats
Advanced Announcement Settings
Scheduled Announcements
Using Announcements
HIPAA: Consent in preferred language
Pro Contact Consent
Automation Action: Send a Message
Scheduled Messages
Send Form Submissions to Textline as Inbound Messages
Setting Reminders
Zendesk Support: Resolve Trigger
Filtering the Conversation List
Zendesk Support: Assign Ticket Trigger
Conversation Links
Zendesk Support: Send Text Trigger
Export a Conversation
API Documentation
Resolve a Conversation
Textline Glossary
Using Shortcuts
Free Trial Limitations
Zapier integration
It looks like my message sent to the wrong contact
Notifications - Mobile, Desktop, and Email
I’m getting an error message when I text a contact
Conversation History
Setting your Status - Available or Away
Add the Textline Widget to your mobile site
Help Scout Integration
Unified Inbox View
I can't delete a Department
How to restore your account
Conversation Dispositions
Updating your password
Communicating your new phone number to contacts
How to cancel your account
Why use multiple Departments
Email Notification Issues
Talkdesk integration
HIPAA Contact Consent
Editing your profile
Changing your Textline plan
Mobile Notification Issues
Using Slash Commands
Address Book Actions Tutorials
Aircall integration
Signing out of Textline
Confirming your current plan
Archiving your contacts
Desktop Notification Issues
Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Gorgias integration
Signing in to Textline
Changing an Agent’s role
Mass importing contacts
Transfer a Conversation
Searching in Textline
My notifications aren’t making noise
Textline referral program
Freshdesk integration
Joining an existing Textline account
Using Whispers
Profile and Organization Settings
Tagging Contacts
I'm not getting notifications / message alerts
Using an existing Twilio phone number
Pipedrive integration
Data retention
Custom Roles
Roles in Textline
Claim a Conversation
It's taking a long time to send/receive messages
Custom Address Book Fields
Claiming your domain
Metrics Definitions
Zendesk Sell integration
Instagram Business
Reviewing your Agents’ metrics
Starting a New Conversation
Metrics Dashboard Basics
Adding or updating Billing Information
Zendesk Support integration
Facebook Business Messenger
I’m having trouble entering or saving my payment info
Using An Existing VoIP Number
Editing a contact phone number
The Conversation List
Deleting an Agent
Adding Contact Details
Pricing guide
Integration for Slack
My account isn’t letting me add Agents
Smart SMS
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey
Adding an Agent
Using the Address Book
Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey
My Address Book upload isn’t working
Using An Existing Landline
SMS Messages and MMS Defined
Using International Numbers
Salesforce integration
Signing up for Textline
Departments: What they are & how to add them
Conversation Dashboard
Starting your free trial
I’m not getting the password reset email
Create a texting hyperlink
Multi-Factor Authentication
Advanced & Saved Searches
Authentication Security Settings
Automatic Sign-Off
HIPAA Account
Chrome Extension
Admin Guide
Texting Best Practices
Whitelisted IP Addresses
Configuring SAML, Single Sign On (SSO), Okta, or Azure
Consent: Importing Consent
Preferred Language
Custom Surveys
Automation Type: Timer
The Campaign Registry Pricing
Sensitive Data Redaction
Consent: Manual Override
Surveys: Preferred Language
Messaging costs explained 
Consent: Bulk Request
Using an existing Signalwire phone number
Using an existing Vonage or Nexmo phone number
Group Messaging
Automation Templates